About Memphis Greenspace

This organization is formed as a Tennessee not-for-profit corporation for the purposes of serving as an independent, nonprofit that provides park-based recreation within the City of Memphis to start, strengthen and support neighborhood and community involvement.

The organization promotes parkland in general, so people will enjoy livable neighborhoods, and work in collaboration to start, strengthen and support revitalization of the City’s neighborhoods by helping communities share space where people of diverse backgrounds and different ages can come together for recreation, enrichment and community activities.
This entity shall utilize parks and greenspace to combine education programs, arts, sports and enrichment activity so as to encourage and support thriving, healthy communities within the City of Memphis.  It shall provide spaces for social and civic engagement to better build livable communities within the City.

Parks over the past 40 years have suffered a significant “disinvestment” where many of the parks in our community have deteriorated from a lack of maintenance, funding and erosion of community engagements in planning for preserving, maintaining and enhancing parkland.

It is the intention of the nonprofit to enhance its base by building community partnerships and returning parkland in the community to lands that are properly funded and supported financially and otherwise to reinvent the parkland as valuable assets for the communities and the City as a whole.

The nonprofit will seek to support empowerment of neighborhoods to maintain and sustain parklands unique to each neighborhood need.

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